Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh gosh.

I feel like the WORST book blogger ever! I haven't updated in about 20 days... August has been so busy busy busy!

I was off at a Business Camp thing that was INCREDIBLY fun for about a week, and have been hanging out with friends way too much since one of them is from Korea, and August is his last month here. Actually, he's leaving Saturday :( so my brother and I wanted to make sure we have lots of memories together with him before he goes back to Korea..

AND, I've been incredibly stressed from my summer homework! Ahh, less than 2 weeks until school starts again, and I STILL haven't finished my AP Euro or my Honors English homework. Actually, I've barely started! All I've done is read the book for English, Fahrenheit 451, but haven't done any of the writing assignments. By the way, Fahrenheit 451 is a REALLY amazing book.

Plus, I am STILL to write a review for The Sacred Sin, but I have no idea when I'll have time to even finish the book. I feel incredibly horribly because I first promised the author I'd finish it by the end of July, then emailed him that I would finish it by the end of August. And now that the end of August is coming up, I'm pretty sure I can't even finish it by then because I have all this summer homework to catch up on! Plus my family and I are going to be on vacation until Sunday.

Oh dear, things are not looking very well for me.. I haven't even read a book for actual leisure for a month now! I started The Sacred Sin, but that was awhile ago so now I feel like I need to restart it since I sort of forgot what happened and I need to be re-sucked into the book. :(

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