Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen...


I had been excited and anticipated this movie for THE longest time! And oh boy, the movie did not disappoint. I was totally captivated in the movie the whole 2 and a half hours. In fact, I'm gonna watch it again this Sunday with some friends in IMAX instead.

Unlike other action/adventure movies, this one wasn't very predictable, which made me very happy haha. Actually, there were a couple of parts where I was just like, "AHHHH NO!" or "O____O" or "T_____T" or "GASP" inside my head because I didn't expect it to happen. Woot woooooo!

Okay, I don't have much to say just because I'm still in fan-obsession mode. Which means I'll just say nonsense that shows how much I love the movie but not any reasons for my love of it.

Oh, and before I didn't care for Shia Labeouf very much but now I find him attractive/hawt haha.

Is it just me or does he still sometimes remind of you of way back when he was a litto kiddo on Even Stevens?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've decided to not do reviews on: Cruel Summer, When It Happens, Keeping the Moon, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! :O Why? Because I read them all like a whole month or more ago and so now none of the stories are fresh in my mind which means I'd do crappy, non-thorough reviews on them. Haha that's what happens when the last month of school is filled with so much stress and finals that it eats your brain.

And you would not believe how much I'm sleeping during the daytime despite getting plenty of sleep at night! Much needed sleep to make up for lots of sleep deprivation throughout the school year. And my laziness has carried on with me into the summer break even though I have more time--I'm too lazy to scroll down my Blogspot feed to see what various posts the blogs I follow are putting up. Which kind of makes me sad because I haven't been entering giveaways so that means I don't win any free books :( My mailbox has been lonely.

But luckily I have much, MUCH more time to read and review books now :) And tons of overdue ones from the library that I must read...

Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty Review

Product Description (from Amazon):
Jessica Darling, the lovably cynical heroine of Sloppy Firsts (2001), is about to begin her final year of high school. She is not looking forward to it. Her best friend, Hope, has moved away, leaving her with only budding-movie-star Bridget to confide in. She also is doing her best to forget Marcus Flutie, the oh-so-sexy guy who captured her heart the year before, only to break it. Jessica has resolved to apply to Columbia University, but after the 9/11 attack, she's doubly certain her parents won't hear of her going to school in New York City. She's flattered by the attentions of Len Levy, a hot brainiac, who just might be the one to drive Marcus from her mind, not to mention relieve her of her virginity. As the time to graduation ticks down, Jessica discovers she knows less about Bridget, Marcus, and the other people who surround her than she thought she did. Smart, tentative, and funny, Jessica is a likable and wry observer of the competitive, gossipy high-school world. Kristine Huntley
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

I actually really enjoyed this book! Sloppy Firsts left me with a total cliffhanger so I was so eager to read Second Helpings, and it did not disappoint! I admit that the beginning moved a little slow for me and I somewhat wished I could have just skipped the whole beginning when Jessica attends the writer's workshop, but I guess that part is pretty crucial for the story. The plot was very realistic in the sense of all the high school drama, and all the denial that Jessica goes through. I really, really like Marcus Flutie! Anyone who knows me knows that I DESPISE anyone who does or has done drugs, but I like Marcus :) He seems like a person I would really want as a friend, just because he seems so random and intellectual to talk to. The world needs more people like him! Anyways, Second Helpings keeps you interested in all the drama that happens at Pineville High, from Jessica's sucky love life to Sara's increasing weight. McCafferty has a way with words and really knows how to convey the thoughts of a high schooler. Everything is written very naturally, and I can imagine myself thinking in the same kind of words (but not the same thoughts!). Contrasting with Sloppy Firsts' cliffhanger ending, Second Helpings ends with more closure, like... a real ending. But the book still leaves me drooling for Charmed Thirds. It makes me happy to know that there are still 3 books in the series for me to read :)

4.5 out of 5 smiles

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson Review

I expected the book to have a lot of romance in it like so many other young adult literature but was surprised that there was a huge mystery and suspense element added to the plot, in a good way. I think that made the story much more captivating so it was hard for me to put the book down. When Dan dies in the beginning of the novel, I honestly didn't understand why he suddenly suffocated. But then Henderson does a great job of subtly giving clues to his death. The reason I don’t give the book a full 5 smiles is because I wish the characters were better analyzed and described, since they were only seen through the main character’s eyes and not anyone else’s. Plus, I find it kind of hard to relate to since no one in the novel seems like anyone I know in real life. For example, in the book Plum is the "queen" of the school and pretty much control anyone, but my school doesn't have any "popular girl" that's like that or anything. I really cannot wait to read the sequel of the book though! Haha I was disappointed in t=he end of the novel when I realized I have to wait for the mystery to be resolved in the next books.

3.75 out of 5 smiles

Summer Vacation! Woohoo school's out!

Oh goodness, when is the last time I blogged! Especially on a book review.. I am a horrible person! Oh well, now that school is finally OUT (yay!) I have more time for my blog. I'll post up one right after I write this post up. I have this huge TBR pile in my room, majority of them being books I checked out at the library. I think at least half of those are overdue and a six are considered "lost".. haha. Luckily the library doesn't charge you for each day it's overdue, as long as you return it. The only reason I want to return mine is because that way I can check out more books :) Better catch up on my reading!

So who else is excited for summer? I am for sure!

Oh, and I REALLY want to read Perfect Chemistry, and luckily a teacher I volunteered for this past school year gave me a $10 gift card to Barnes & Nobles! How exciting!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix Set Free Contest Ends Tomorrow!

Better hurry and enter for this one, before the deadline tomorrow! The prizes include...

An original framed brushpainting by Cindy Pon + a copy of Silver Phoenix
a $100 Gift Card to a book store of your choice + a copy of Silver Phoenix

Isn't that all just incredibly awesome? Honestly, I don't know which is better, because although I'm a huge fan of books, a $200-$400 painting sounds wonderful! I'm a big fan of art too, oh boy this contest is exciting. Haha I know I'm posting this blog for the contest kind of late, but I figure I should do it before the deadline! To also remind anyone who's forgotten to enter too :)

Cover of Silver Phoenix:Isn't that beautiful?

Here's a very gorgeous trailer of it too! I love the background music!

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out at Cindy Pon's website right over..... HERE!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perfect Chemistry over at...

The Book Resort! Oh my gosh, I want to read this oh so very badly, it's number one on my wish list of books. I've heard AMAZING things of this book so yeah. And it sucks because my local library has a copy but there are so many holds on it, it'll take forever for me to finally get it. Anyways, you should all enter the giveaway because you can win this book! The giveaway ends June 12.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Vote for Me?

Hello world! Just today I entered a Best Photo contest for a chance to win a Nikon Coolpix camera. I would love it if you voted for me! It's a picture of my baby cousin, Daniel :) Please vote a 10 on my photo, I am in desperate need of a camera! My digital camera was stolen one year ago while at school and ever since I haven't been able to afford another decent one. So it would mean a lot to me if you all voted so I could win first prize! :)

BY THE WAY, this SugarLoot contest site COMPLETELY KILLS QUALITY of the picture! I could have sworn my contrast and darn lighting was different, but it got all funky on the website.. :(

MTV Movie Awards

Okay. I'm a little pissed off.
Why did Twilight get so many awards! I mean, I LOVED, and I mean BEYOND loved, the book, but the movie was lame. It was alright in some parts, but overall Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are bad actors! That's right, I said it.

Sorry to all you Robert Pattinson fans, but in my opinion, he's ugly! And his role in the first movie for Twilight was filled with awkward staring. I love Edward Cullen, but I hate Robert Pattinson. I don't get why he won Best Male Actor, his acting is horrible. In my opinion, the guy from Slumdog Millionaire should have won. And don't even get me STARTED with Kristen Stewart winning Best Female Actress. SERIOUSLY. Her acting is incredibly bad. And I know plenty of other people feel the same way. Something about the way she plays Bella annoys me.

Oh, and Best Kiss Scene goes to Twilight as well? Honestly, I thought the kiss between Robert and Kristen was incredibly AWKWARD! Gahhhhh, all of these awards for the cast of Twilight was irritating me.

I honestly wish that Stephenie Meyer got all those awards instead, since really, the only reason the cast won is because Stephenie wrote the story and created such a large fanbase. She deserves all the credit (:

But you know, I'm kind of excited for New Moon this year, because Robert Pattinson will be gone for majority of the movie (thank goodness) and TAYLOR LAUTNER will mostly be in it! YAAAY! <3 Yeah, I'm more of an Edward Cullen fan but I still like Jacob Black, and LOVE Taylor Lautner! *fangirl squeal* Haha, he is so good-looking.

Alrightys, I'm kind of craving to re-read the Twilight series, even though I never ever re-read books. Oh well, since I own them, might as well read them, right?

By the way, I still have reviews of Keeping the Moon, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Cruel Summer, and When It Happens coming up sometime soon hopefully! And right now I'm in the middle of Second Helpings so hopefully that'll be up soon too.