Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty Review

Product Description (from Amazon):
Jessica Darling, the lovably cynical heroine of Sloppy Firsts (2001), is about to begin her final year of high school. She is not looking forward to it. Her best friend, Hope, has moved away, leaving her with only budding-movie-star Bridget to confide in. She also is doing her best to forget Marcus Flutie, the oh-so-sexy guy who captured her heart the year before, only to break it. Jessica has resolved to apply to Columbia University, but after the 9/11 attack, she's doubly certain her parents won't hear of her going to school in New York City. She's flattered by the attentions of Len Levy, a hot brainiac, who just might be the one to drive Marcus from her mind, not to mention relieve her of her virginity. As the time to graduation ticks down, Jessica discovers she knows less about Bridget, Marcus, and the other people who surround her than she thought she did. Smart, tentative, and funny, Jessica is a likable and wry observer of the competitive, gossipy high-school world. Kristine Huntley
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I actually really enjoyed this book! Sloppy Firsts left me with a total cliffhanger so I was so eager to read Second Helpings, and it did not disappoint! I admit that the beginning moved a little slow for me and I somewhat wished I could have just skipped the whole beginning when Jessica attends the writer's workshop, but I guess that part is pretty crucial for the story. The plot was very realistic in the sense of all the high school drama, and all the denial that Jessica goes through. I really, really like Marcus Flutie! Anyone who knows me knows that I DESPISE anyone who does or has done drugs, but I like Marcus :) He seems like a person I would really want as a friend, just because he seems so random and intellectual to talk to. The world needs more people like him! Anyways, Second Helpings keeps you interested in all the drama that happens at Pineville High, from Jessica's sucky love life to Sara's increasing weight. McCafferty has a way with words and really knows how to convey the thoughts of a high schooler. Everything is written very naturally, and I can imagine myself thinking in the same kind of words (but not the same thoughts!). Contrasting with Sloppy Firsts' cliffhanger ending, Second Helpings ends with more closure, like... a real ending. But the book still leaves me drooling for Charmed Thirds. It makes me happy to know that there are still 3 books in the series for me to read :)

4.5 out of 5 smiles

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  1. I loved this book. I'm looking forward to reading it again. Good review.