Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Vacation! Woohoo school's out!

Oh goodness, when is the last time I blogged! Especially on a book review.. I am a horrible person! Oh well, now that school is finally OUT (yay!) I have more time for my blog. I'll post up one right after I write this post up. I have this huge TBR pile in my room, majority of them being books I checked out at the library. I think at least half of those are overdue and a six are considered "lost".. haha. Luckily the library doesn't charge you for each day it's overdue, as long as you return it. The only reason I want to return mine is because that way I can check out more books :) Better catch up on my reading!

So who else is excited for summer? I am for sure!

Oh, and I REALLY want to read Perfect Chemistry, and luckily a teacher I volunteered for this past school year gave me a $10 gift card to Barnes & Nobles! How exciting!

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