Monday, April 20, 2009

Musical Fidelity, a poem of mine :)

Musical Fidelity

Strumming an ivory-colored guitar with

Skinny fingers, the nails a bit too long

Comes forth sounds far from cacophony. A

Lone, raspy singing voice, speaking of pains and pleasures

Too hard to convey through words solely. He yells to

Turn that discord to a near-silent level, too quiet for anybody

To hear. For she is never heard, never is she a top priority.

Creativity at its best, for people to hear visually, yet

Everyone shuns this bohemian behavior. Why is she never

Given a second look? Melodies are left behind as

Technology and business march forward. Narrow-minded parents

Speak of the medical field, fields of law, yet

At the thought of rhythms and tunes they are utterly

Mute. Dreams of musicality, her beloved future slowly

Fade into a world nonexistent. Despite this losing battle

For wings to fly toward a lyrical heaven, she continues

To stay devoted.

To stay faithful.

Remain steadfast

To a force named Music.

This is the poem I submitted to the Scholarship Poetry Contest a couple months ago. And guess what! I was a Topical Winner! Okay, so I guess I'm not a regional winner, nor am I going to be selected for the actual scholarship money, but still, this award is still an honor to me :) Less than 2% of all of the entries they got were Topical Winners, which I have to say I'm really proud of since there are typically more than 500,000 entries per year. And since I'm a Topical Winner, I get to have my poem published in their annual anthology (a collection of poems, a minimum of 144 pages). Haha okay, so I guess having a 20-line poem in a 144+ page anthology isn't all too special, but eh, I'm still extremely happy! Because honestly, I spent 20 minutes writing my poem. Then I submitted it. Haha maybe next year when they have the contest again, I'll spend more time and effort on it and will hopefully at least get to be a regional winner (there's only about 500 regional winners each year). YAY! Okay, so much excitement!

Oh, and sorry I haven't really posted anything for a really long time. I've been buried in schoolwork and have been busy with a lot of other matters. Applying for various scholarships and such haha.

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