Saturday, February 7, 2009

Book Contests!

Yay I'm so excited, I just found all these blogs about books and book contests all thanks to ANN! Hooray :D I'm really eager to enter these things, and even make a video for that one contest about Beauty:
And we have until March 30! But we need to figure out what to do in it!

That North of Beauty book sounds really interesting (: If I don't win it I'm so going to borrow it from the library haha.
I want to thank Ann for getting me back into reading a lot like I used to in elementary school. HAHAHA. And all those books on Books By Their Cover sound like such good reads! I'm ready for a long weekend so that I can read a lot all day >:D

Haha I really want to just enter every single contest on that Books By Their Cover blog!


  1. I entered all of them and it took me so long to do. But I hope that I at least win one book! Haha and you're welcome for bringing you back into reading. I don't even know how I got into it. Oh, oh, did you know David Archuleta is on Nick right now?! Oh my gosh, he's so good looking. Mmm! And too bad for the long weekend, we'll be working on our project and essay...what a bummer.

  2. Hahaha oh my gosh I've spent like hours and hours just entering all these book contests I keep finding in those sidebars... ONOZ I can't believe I missed him! I didn't know he was on Nick... What show was he on? I know huh, have you started that English project with the WPA and Great Depression stuff? Cause I don't get what topic to choose. Like, what we should research and all...

    & when is that Dream essay due?

  3. Thanks for the link! Hope you continue to enjoy all the new blogs you found. :)


  4. Haha same here. I was watching Grey's Anatomy while doing it. Yeah, you missed him...he was guest starring for iCarly! And he even performed! Ah, I have not! I don't even know what I'm doing my topic on...but I want to do something with writing because a) I suck at the art stuff b) I kind of want to do the music one but then I don't really have any ideas how to make a "visual" for it.

    And the Dream essay is due on the same day the project is due. 20th! That's a bummer.

  5. ONOZ I'm so behind on that english stuff.. I'm not really sure what to do for that project! It's like Ms. Wright told us what to do but then everyone is still clueless on how to do it.. DARN I actually like iCarly too! Can't believe I missed him T____T