Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hi Ann. I think you already entered the first one. Maybe Silla will see or strangers will stumble across this though. And enter the other ones too :)
There are so many books to win! But it ends tomorrow so better hurry! Only requirement is to leave a comment mentioning your "first love".
For this one, you need to just say your favorite African-American author. Ends February 28th I believe.
Just mention if you think Valentine's Day is really a special day or just another "Hallmark Holiday" ;) Ends February 24th.
Say why you're interested in reading the books mentioned and also your favorite werewolf :D It ends February 22nd.
You can enter daily up till February 17th.
Just comment and leave your email. Ends February 28th.
You can win one or all three books there! Ends February 19th.
Ends tomorrow!


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    Here's a contest for you haha I recruited you ;)