Sunday, February 8, 2009

I want the soul instead, cause I found some kind of fairytale

Wow, I was planning on getting off the computer a bit ago so I could go read The Truth About Forever a bit before I went to bed but ended up getting distracted all the time. Anyways, I just read Ann's blog about "a perfect day". I feel like so many things would make me really happy, so I have more than one "perfect day". Depends on my mood too, I guess. Sometimes (maybe even most of the time) I just like to be left alone, with little connection to the rest of the world, as emo and loner as that sounds. That's probably why I enjoyed visiting California so much in November, I was cut off from all that drama and people at school here. Of course, when I went to California, I visited my old friends there too, but then when we talked it was just about care-free, random things that would make you laugh for two minutes straight, instead of the "Oh my gosh, that guy is so cute" or "Did you know __ is going out with __?!" that you constantly here in the hallways of LHS. Even sometimes at lunch, I just get sick and tired of it. Some friends won't stop talking about boys, boys, boys, which is why I hang out with Kevin and Brian so much during lunch. I don't have to worry about them talking about boys, we just talk about random things that anyone else would find incredibly dorky. And it's also probably why I love CAMP so much; Carmen doesn't talk 24/7 about Scott, Ann doesn't complain to me during school about her problems all the time (THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD STOP BLOGGING ANN! This is like my only access to what you're thinking so that I can keep up with what's going on with you! & those few times we talk in school!), and Priscilla.. well she's my best friend so that's an exception. But even sometimes with her, she won't stop talking about people like Jinno and Josh. I recall how sometimes my conversations with Carmen on the phone would involve us talking about how when Priscilla first likes a guy, she gets really obsessive. Then she goes through some sort of self-realization of whether she really does or doesn't like a guy and then blahhh. It get's a bit tiring, but I still love her.

ANYWAYS, back to the topic of a perfect day, I guess my first kind of perfect day would be just spending a whole day to myself, no boundaries or limitations to stop me from going anywhere. With some music in my ears, I would just stroll around on the beach or just lay down to relax. And I would have a book in hand, with a bag of a few more books for when I finish the one I'm reading. It would be sunny and warm, so I could just lay down and read to my heart's content. I'd also have a nice camera with me so I could capture all the simple things that surround me, and there would also be a little ice cream store so I can eat ice cream all day. To sum it up, it'd just be a nice, relaxing day all to myself.

A second perfect kind of day would be those vigorous, non-stop action kind of days with a couple of close friends. We would lots of money to NOT buy clothes and jewelry, but instead just PIG OUT! There'd be all kinds of food--chocolate, ice cream, pasta, sushi, dim sum, cream puffs, crepes, pizzas, noodles... EVERYTHING. Who cares how many calories we consume, it'd just be fun to be able to eat everything you enjoy all in one day. Then after we finish eating, we could go just sleep on the floor for awhile. Once we're all alert and awake, we could go to a theme park and ride every single ride they have there, from the baby ones meant for 3-year-olds, to the biggest roller coasters that have 5 loops and 4 fast drops. At night we could look up at the sky as the theme park closes and there are fireworks everywhere.

Then a third kind of perfect day for me could be with either a significant other or super close friends that would follow you on these crazy ideas. On a warm, sunny day we'd just run around in the park, then go a really large field of grass so we could lie down and stare at the white clouds that pass by. We'd then travel really far to a place with a beach that we'd all never been before, just so we could explore the town and play in the sand. There'd be a cart with some shaved ice, and we'd eat it when the sun starts to set because sunsets are always the prettiest things on the beach. After the sun sets we'd continue to lay down in the sand since it's so warm, and look at the stars and moon up at the dark sky...

After actually writing what a "perfect day" would be for me, all of these sound more like fantasies and dreams that would seems kind of hard for me to achieve in life... Maybe if CAMP still exists 5 to 10 years from now when our parents wouldn't control us so much, we could do Perfect Day #3 (: That'd be so enjoyable...

Now I know what my fairytale is, but I can't find it.

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  1. What the heck, Michelle. This is so long, I don't want to even read it. But I bet I'll delete mine in a few days or so. I already "edited" my previous one.