Sunday, February 15, 2009


Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. (There was something after this line but then Ann deleted her blog so whatever -___-).

Numbered ListI'm extremely bored. I have things to do but not in the mood to do them.

  1. I noticed that if guys can't enunciate, it's a huge turn-off for me. HAHAHA.
  2. By the time I graduate high school I want to be able to play the guitar by ear.
  3. I notice I always have an obsession thing going on.. xD like in elementary school-manga. 7th grade-Big Bang. 8th grade-Asian dramas. Beginning of 9th grade-Twilight/Edward Cullen. Now-AJ Rafael/still a bit of Twilight ;) LOL.
  4. I am tired of not winning a single book contest! Oh well, try, try, again.
  5. Lindt Lindor Truffles are the best chocolate ever.
  6. I actually do enjoy playing the violin.
  7. Total Lakers fan.
  8. I don't want too many things, but everything I DO want is expensive...
  9. I used to LOVE Paint-by-Numbers.
  10. I usually choose my titles for school essays by looking at song titles in my iTunes.
  11. I really long for a "perfect day".
  12. I am sick and tired of T-Pain and Lil Wayne! They don't deserve all the fame they're getting!
  13. I'm also sick of artists using auto-tune.
  14. I miss health class :/
  15. At the LA Fitness that I go to, there's this guy who always yells random phrases when he works out. It's funny cause new members that come to work out, when they first hear him, are like WTF! while everyone that's been a member for awhile are all used to him yelling and don't care.
  16. I happened to really enjoy the first High School Musical.
  17. I think Nick Jonas would be better as a solo artist, not with his brothers.
  18. I'm a non-PTC taster! :D
  19. My favorite colors are teal and dark purple.
  20. If I could change anything about myself, I guess it'd be for me to not have eczema. Or to be rich so I could constantly visit California :)
  21. I think AJ Rafael, Hok Konishi, and Dominic Sandoval are hawt.
  22. A big turn-on for me is if a guy is a musician or b-boy/dancer (haha totally explains #21).
  23. I was EXTREMELY depressed when I found out Stephenie Meyer stopped writing Midnight Sun.
  24. Sometimes I get incredibly bored of R&B songs... so many sound exactly/almost the same!
  25. I don't know why, but I really like the number 27.
I don't get it, why would you tag the person that tags you? Wouldn't they have already done it? Weird. Anyways, I tag everybody in the world!

Ann, make a blog. Now.

Okies. Time to do math homework so I don't have too much to do tomorrow and Tuesday! Farewell!


  1. Word is bond for number 1! And number 24. And number 6. And number 11, 12, 4, 8, and 10! Word up, Michelle! Oh, I FINISHED MATH HOMEWORK....ON THURSDAY!! That is so depressing. Got home from school and finished. I am totally bored for the weekend. Waiting for Ms. Wright to email me back my essay so I could finish it ):

  2. HAHA we're so cool Ann ;) I FINISHED MATH HOMEWORK TOO! yesterday though. I just need to finish my essay but I think I already know how I'm gonna write it. Isn't Ms. Wright on vacation or something with no internet? Said she'll email them Tuesday night. If you're so bored, go to the library and check out all the books in my "Books I Really Want to Read" list and give them all to me! :)