Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Bunch of Contests :D

Hehe you can win HSM3! xD



    Hey Michelle..did we win or not? I'm so confused...

  2. Ann, I hate you with a passion for deleting your blog.

    & we didn't win :( I was all excited about it too!

  3. Oh, I know you love me, Michelle.

    Haha you know on one of the contests, you almost won!! You were two comments below the winner! That's a bummer...$10 giftcard! Dang, we haven't been winning any of these contests :( harder than it looks! Oh, and I found this one site where if you submit 15 book reviews, you get a free book! yipee!

  4. It's a love-hate kind of relationship ;)

    Haha oh my gosh I just saw that too! Instead "anonymous" got it... :/ How would you even know you won if you don't follow the blog? Wonder how they'll find out. Darn I'm tired of entering contests and not winning! xD Ooooh you should send the link to me! But that's a lot of books to read!

    Talking about reviews, at this contest 1 review=1 entry and then you can win 3 books if you win :D

  5. That's some tough love we got going on here.

    Haha they e-mail you? Or you just check back daily? Haha I don't know. But here's the link:

    And yay for that contest! Haha oh, oh, Michelle. I won a book! HAHA. But you know what? It's part of a series that I have never heard about...I won book number what the heck, how am I suppose to get the other 5...

  6. Oh well, "distance makes love grow stronger." Probably why I texted you 24/7 when I was in CA for a week LMAO. (Did you know I learned that quote from My Wife & Kids? YAY TV quotes!) So if I keep hating you, I'll just disappear for a week :D

    YAY that sounds good cause a book is guaranteed! Except 15 book reviews?! That's so many! Hahaha. Better start reading!

    OH I think I saw that contest, but then I decided not to enter cause I figured it'd be pointless for me to have the book. LMAO. What book is it, I forgot?